Looking For Best Solar Power Home DIY System Abilene?

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Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. We're sometimes asked if you can install Solar power home DIY system Abilene inside, inside some bright sunny windows.

So I'm going to show you what kind of results you'd get if you do that. Now I've got a nice bright sunny window, south facing, it's right around noon. Perfect scenario here. So we're going to do some measurements and indicate what you've got.

So first thing I'm going to do is I've got an insolation meter. So this will actually asses the ferocity of the sun.

So I'm going to hold it right up to the window. And I'm getting right about 330 watts per square meter. Now high standards test conditions that Solar power home DIY system Abilene are measured at is 1000 watts, this is reading about 1/3 of it. So, what is this going to give us for actual readings from the Solar power home DIY system Abilene? Well open circuit voltage of members of the panel is 22.3 V, so let's measure the open circuit voltage.

So I'm assessing with the volt meter right in the various regions of the plus and minus, and I'm reading 20 volts. That's not bad. So you might envision, hey, this is working fairly good. But, let's measure the current now, because current is really more affected by the ferocity of the sunshine than voltage is. So if I switch my multimeter over to measure current ... The short circuit current of this Solar power home DIY system Abilene is 1.82 A, when I've got this connected, I'm read. 55 A. So I'm really not reading a whole cluster, I'm speaking right about 1/3 of what high standards test conditions would be.

OK ,  now I've moved it so it's just out of the direct light of the sunlight, so we are still in a nice bright sunny room, but the sunshine isn't glistening immediately on it. And my insolation meter is reading about 18 W per square meter, as to report to   1000. So let's do some measurements here. I've got 17 V. Meh, it's not the end of the world.

Well, let's popping over to amps and discover what we've got ... Haha,. 03 amps. So, unless this is in the absolute direct light of the sunshine, you're just, it's not proceeding to be doing anything. So, I think that really shows you the futility of trying to induce best solar power home DIY Abilene in a bright room. OK, so we're just outside that window, so let's do the exact same measurings.

I'm using my insolation meter and I'm pointing at the sunshine, and I'm getting about 950 watts per square meter. So that's pretty close to standard test situation, fairly darn good. Now let's actually measure the yield of the Solar power home DIY system Abilene.

So I'm reading 20.8 V, which, you know that's truly not that much higher than it was inside. But, where it truly makes a big difference is the current. So let's switching this over to amps, and we'll discover what we've got there. So when I switch over to amps, I'm at 0.8 amps.

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And it's kind of fluctuating a little as the ferocity changes, but this goes to show that you really do get dramatically more strength out here. Now another benefit of being outside is, when the sunshine was over in the east, I was still get some strength here. Inside, I was get nothing at all. Because you are really simply get the sunshine coming in the window when it's right in front of it.

Se even though I'm getting a little bit of strength when the sunshine is immediately in front of the window, if I had that installed earlier, I'd be reading nothing. So, truly shows you that while you can get a tiny bit of strength out of it inside the window, it's not really going to be enough to induce it worth while. Source: youtube.