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Hi. I'm Amy at the altE Store. Perhaps the most frequently asked interrogate we get there are," How much solar power energy Abilene does it take to strength my 2,000 sqft home ?"  

My reply is ever the same." I don't know. How much strength do "you're using" ?"

I'm not trying to be flip-flop, I frankly don't know. The strength usage for different dwellings are going to be so wildly different, there is no of knowing how much strength someone uses based on their square footage.

Is the house located in the north with bad insulation and electric baseboard heaters? Or is it a house with a tight construct envelope and gas heat? Is it located in the south with the most important one onus being air conditioning passage 24/7, or is it in a mild context with a couple of fans occasionally?

Are you heating your irrigate with an electrical irrigate heater, or an oil furnace? Do you have own family members who find it challenging to turn off a light when they leave the room( you know who you are )?

Are you lighting with incandescent or Extended light bulbs? The excellent access to determine how many solar array you need is to look at your electric invoice and see how many kWh a few months you buy.

You can then go to our grid-tied calculator to see how much solar power energy Abilene would be needed to offset a percentage of your invoice. Here's an example of my electric invoice. It depicts 13   months of usage, so I can liken the latest month with the previous year. It is stunning what you can discover by investigating your electric invoice.

By equating the usage in different months, I can see my greatest exploit is in the summer, with the air conditioner flowing all day because of the main office. You can see that my usage plunged vastly from August 2013 to August 2014, as well as from July to August in 2014.

We went away every weekend in August 2014, and altered the AC off while we were become, saving us  $85 from the previous year. But regrettably, we ran away for a few weeks that July and forgot to turn down the AC, so it remained on high, chilling an empty house all week. You can see that's the most important one usage in 13   months, and was totally preventable. That mistake payment me about $160. In November we swopped the mini-split from AC mode to heating mode to procrastinate growing on our petroleum heat, creating our electric usage back up. It cost an extra $135 to heat the house with electricity that month, but saved us at least that is something that on our petroleum bill.

By December it was too cold for the heat shoot to drive, this is why we altered it off and turned on the petroleum, removing our electric exploit.

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So even in the same house, with the same parties, behavior changes the electrical exploit dramatically, thus changing the response to the original interrogate," how much solar power energy Abilene do I need to strength my home ?"

I recommend you look at your monthly usage and psychoanalyze it, what was your large-scale energy user every month, and could a change in behavior reduce it? Once you understand your electric exploit, then you can start to figure out how much solar this is necessary. Our average exploit is about 1,500 kWh a few months.

I exploited that count in our on-grid calculator and decided to see what it would take to stir all of our strength with solar, netting us down to 0. That would require around a 13,000 Watt Solar Panel System Abilene for my area, around 50 solar panels.

This plot depicts my last-place 30 months of electric exploit, and the estimated output of a 13 kW Solar Panel System Abilene on my house for that epoch. With Net Metering, I can use any strength I render during the day, and sell the extra to the grid.

Then at night, when my method isn't producing any strength, I can buy it back from the grid, spinning the meter backward and forward. Any additional strength I requirement gets bought from the grid, same as usual.

Likewise, with months that I stir more strength than I use, like in the spring, I can bank the credits to use them in the summer and winter when I don't make as much as I use.

Today's average overheads would be around $26,000 to buy the equipment to install it yourself, or about $52,000 to have one professionally set.

A combination of federal and neighbourhood incentives could cut the cost by 1/3 to 1/2 in the US, depending on your site. This method could pay for itself in about 8 years for me.

After that, and for the next got a couple of decades that my method keeps humming along, the $3000 a year I was compensating to the light company remains in my pocket.

Plus with charge additions, that savings is bound to grow over the years. But a neat occasion about net metering, and staying connected to the grid, is I don't have to make all of my strength like if I was off-grid.

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I can instead decide to manufacture half my strength, or less, and buy the remainder from the grid, resulting in a lower monthly electric invoice. You can see from this graph that plots both my monthly its utilization and my projected monthly solar generation with a 6.5 kW Solar Panel System Abilene, that for a couple of months I actually would stir all of the strength that I use, but on average, I would stir half of the strength I necessitated, cutting my strength invoice in half. That still gives me a significant monthly savings. Solar power energy Abilene isn't the silver bullet for reducing my electric bills.

We're also working on further shortening our strength exploit. We lately ousted all of the browse light-coloreds in the basement with LED tubings. This raised that strength exploit from 2500 W down to about 250 W! And the light tone is actually better now than with the age-old light-coloreds. We've ousted all of our incandescent light bulbs throughout the house with LED as well. We're also trying to get smarter with the programming of the air conditioner, cutting down on our biggest strength user.

So you can see why the most common interrogate we get asked here is also the most complicated and personal question to answer. Grab your electric invoice, go to our calculator, and find the answers for your home.