Abilene Home Solar Power Quote Calculator

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Abilene Home Solar Power Quote Calculator

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Abilene home solar power quote calculator - What You Must Know to Get Accurate Results


A Abilene home solar power quote calculator is a valuable tool to have when you start estimating the costs to purchase and install the solar energy system you have been considering. A tool like this will help you determine how many panels and what size you will need. The first thing you will need to know is if you want an on-grid or off-grid system

The Abilene home solar power quote calculator will ask for things like your usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month, how much of that usage you would like to generate from your solar array and what part of the country you live in. If you plan to use an off-grid system it will also ask questions specific to battery banks. Most people will be using an on-grid system to offset their power bill so we will focus on the parameters for the on-grid calculator.

The Abilene home solar power quote calculator asks these questions so that it can accurately perform calculations based on your requirements. The first parameter is your usage in kWh's which can be found on your electric bill. For more accurate results you can add up all of your kWh's of use for a year and divide by twelve to reach a monthly average for input to the calculator.

 Next the solar panel calculator will want the percent of your overall power usage that you want your solar array to produce. This is a good parameter to play with as you may find an economic sweet spot for the cost to purchase and install your system versus the percentage of your power bill it offsets. A lower percentage here means you will have a smaller less expensive solar array and less power generation while a higher percentage means a larger more expensive system with greater power generation.

The next solar panel calculator question is what part of the country you live in or your total number of sun-hours per day. Hopefully it just asks for your city and will automatically look up your local average sun-hours per day with your city information. If not you will need to look up your average sun-hours per day for input into the calculator by checking Google or the appropriate printed reference material.

Another parameter the solar panel calculator may ask for is the size or wattage of the panels you intend to use. It will use this value to calculate an appropriate number of panels to meet your needs. It does this by dividing your total required wattage by the watts per panel and rounding up to the nearest whole panel.

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A Abilene home solar power quote calculator is only as good as the information you feed it. So make sure you take the time to gather the appropriate information before using the calculator to make a purchasing decision. The old adage of computing holds true, garbage in equals garbage out.

Once the solar panel calculator has calculated all of your vital data it will return some very useful results. It will tell you the total wattage of panels you need and how many panels to buy. Some calculators will allow you to input cost data like the cost per panel and the dollars per kWH you pay to electric company. These numbers will help you determine the economics of your desired system. Using the calculator you will need to vary the panel size and power load percentage provided by the array until you find the lowest installed price per kilowatt-hour. Source http://EzineArticles.com/Solar-Panel-Calculator

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